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Meeting Minutes...

PCKHSA Scoping meeting 4-20-2008

Members met at the home of Bill and Susan Orr in Eagle Point, Oregon at 9:00 AM on Sunday, April 20, 2008 to discuss the reorganization of the Pacific Coast Katahdin Hair Sheep Association, which has been dormant since the fall of 2004.

Attending included:

Dex and Kay Walter

Kevin Kiedrowski

Karen Kenagy

Debra Blake

Dee and Vieva Swearingen

Bill and Susan Orr

Following introductions, the group discussed the purpose of the organization, and what we wanted to accomplish. The purpose of promoting the breed, improving the flocks, finding good reliable markets and educational workshops seemed to meet the needs of all attending.

Debra Blake, Dee Swearingen and Karen Kenagy will take a look at the bylaws from KHSI and develop a set of bylaws for our organization, and will present to those attending the May 17th workshop. Also discussed is the need to determine if insurance is needed for the officers and directors, special events, and advise on a non-profit status for the organization. These will follow the approval of bylaws.

Vieva updated the members on the IRS-501(c)3 status, and will work on reactivating or renewing. Ones of the questions was does the organization need to have a IRS status.

Selection of board members and officers for the reorganization phase produced the following results:

President: Dee Swearingen

Vice President: Bill Orr

Secretary: Vieva Swearingen

Treasurer: Dex Walter

Debra Blake, Karen Kenagy and Kevin Kiedrowski will complete the board of directors.

At this time, it was determined not to have an operations manager, but the Secretary would be the logical person to contact the web master regarding additions and changes.

Dex gave a financial report of $1645.80 balance in the bank.

Kevin agreed to review some websites to determine if we need to have additional addressing, links, pages and updates etc. and what links or pages should be membership only. The link to our member Mylon Filkins,DVM; Ask a Vet needs to be set up and must be available to paid members only.

A discussion was held on the workshop scheduled at Karen Kenagy’s on May 17th. Debra and Karen will better identify costs. The hair coat demonstration is free to KHSI members, and those who have been members in good standing for two years are eligible to have the test count for certification.

An amount “NOT TO EXCEED $700.00” could be applied to the costs of the event including travel and lodging of Jim Morgan, food and necessary restroom facilities. This would be applied after funds raised by admission, raffle and the sale of tee shirts.

Motion: Vieva Swearingen

2nd: Kevin Kiedrowski

Motion carried.

Hosting KHSI’s 2009 annual gathering in Oregon was discussed, with an unofficial “bid” made by Karen and Debra. It was decided to send an official bid in August after determining what upfront costs if any we need to make. In order to carry this off, we need more members, and the board and current members will divide up the old membership list and send letters urging them to participate, along with members of KHSI in the West. The hair coat certification is an excellent tool to offer, as well as our “Ask the Vet” link.

The Board and members thanked Bill and Susan Orr for the hospitality and hosting this scoping meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM and all enjoyed an excellent lunch of BBQ hamburgers, salads, and drinks, followed by a herding dog demonstration by Bill Orr and his dog Boone. It must also be mentioned that approximately 2 “ of fresh snow was on the ground in Eagle Point.

Respectfully submitted:

Vieva Swearingen

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